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Wild rose

  • What is wild rose?
  • Expected benefits
    >Anti-joint pain properties

Wild rose refers to the rosehips of wild roses that grow naturally along the coast in Jutland, Denmark. Wild rose is rich in vitamins and minerals, and has long been used as a traditional medicine in Denmark. Recent research has shown that wild rose possesses anti-rheumatism and anti-allergy properties. At Bizen, we are proud to offer wild rose as a dried ground product for medical use.

Anti-joint pain properties

Wild rose has shown in tests to have anti-joint pain properties. When patients with rheumatism were given a 2.5 g supplement containing wild rose once a day, they were able to reduce the dose of prednisolone from 10 to 4 mg/day over 2 months. We also confirmed a reduction in inflammation through a marked improvement in the levels of CRP, a protein which is indicative of inflammation inside the body.

Effects on hay fever

Wild rose has also shown to reduce the symptoms associated with hay fever. The VAS score for characteristic eye and nose symptoms of hay fever decreased in the group treated with wild rose, demonstrating the efficacy of wild rose.