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Oyster is a general term referring to bivalves that belong to the family Ostreidae in the order Pterioida. Oysters have long been considered a winter delicacy and are called "the milk of the sea" because of their high levels of nutrients such as protein, zinc, glycogen, and taurine. At Bizen we took notice of the plentiful nutrients in oysters and have succeeded in directly extracting and concentrating these ingredients

Oyster is traditionally known for its various health benefits, such as improving liver function, relieving stress and nutritional fortification. Oyster is also known as an excellent source of zinc, which tends to be lacking in people in today’s society, and is effective in preventing various symptoms of zinc deficiency such as osteoporosis, dry skin, and taste disorders.

Double-blind clinical trial demonstrated Oyster Extract Powder improved alcohol-impaired liver functions

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