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Product introduction

・Bizen Active Garlic Extract Powder(Japan) Product specifications
・Bizen Active Garlic Extract Powder(China) Product specifications

Bizen uses a unique process to extract active ingredients from garlic in odorless forms. One such active ingredient in garlic is alliin, which is converted to allicin (which gives garlic its characteristic strong odor) during processing or cooking. However, at Bizen we are able to extract the active ingredient as alliin, and provide an odor-free garlic extract powder.

Anti-fatigue properties

Since ancient times, garlic has been thought to have anti-fatigue properties. Rats given Garlic Extract Powder had significantly accelerated recovery from Physical fatigue compared to control rats. These results suggest anti-fatigue properties of Garlic Extract Powder has.

Blood clot prevention

Garlic Extract Powder has been shown to have blood clot prevention properties in both in vivo and in vitro studies. The production and dissolution of blood clots are necessary processes for the repair of intravascular spaces. However, for many people today, it is easier for blood clots to form and more difficult to for them to dissolve which greatly increases the risk of thrombosis. Tests on catheterized rats have shown that rats treated with Garlic Extract Powder maintained normal clotting function compared to control rats. In an artificial blood clot model, experiment Garlic Extract Powder was found to promote the dissolution of blood clots. These findings suggest blood clot prevention properties of Garlic Extract Powder.

Period administration 2 weeks Experimental method After administration, we performed the following four blood tests using the in-situ loop method with catheterization
Administration method Mixed in with food PT Prothrombin time (s), Quick-step method (gradient method)
Test groups Sham group Given regular food and were not catheterized, received a laparotomy and abdominal closure APTT Activated partial thromboplastin time (s), Proctor method (gradient method)
Control group Given regular food and were catheterized TAT Thrombin/antithrombin III complexes (ng/ml), EIA method
Treatment group Given Garlic Extract Powder SP mixed in with food and were catheterized FDP Fibrin/fibrinogen degradation products (µg/ml), latex agglutination immunology turbidimetric method

In addition, the results of a test using an artificial blood clot model indicate that blood clot dissolution is promoted in the presence of Garlic Extract Powder. These findings suggest that Garlic Extract Powder has a blood clot prevention effect.

About production in Japan

Bizen Active Garlic Extract Powder(Japan) is made from "Fukuchi white 6-cloved garlic" grown on the rich land of Aomori Prefecture, producing a safer, more reliable product.