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Formulation and processing

  • Tablets

    Standard dosage form
    With coatings to allow
    swallowing whole or
    chewing and swallowing

    Other shapes
    Triangular (small or large),
    oval (small or large),
    hexagonal, UFO.

  • Can be dissolved or
    swallowed as is

    nebulized granules
    agitation granules
    press-through-package granules

  • By filling the capsule with base
    compounds, intake of high
    doses is possible

    Type 1, type 2, type 3
    Various types of gelatin, pullulan
    Variety of colored capsules

  • Materials with low hygroscopicity
    and stability Capsulation of
    oil-based materials
    (Consignment with a cooperating company)

    Various shapes (oval, teardrop, etc.)
    Variety of cow, pig or fish gelatins

Tablet coating types

We offer various solutions according to product image and characteristics of the ingredients.

  • There are various coatings available made from shellac, zein (acid-resistant membrane coating), yeast cell walls, HPC, HPMC, and color coating.
  • Maltitol sugar coated tablets and various types of colored sugar coated tablets are also available.

  • Cosmetics case

    Seal stamp, shrink wrapped
  • Bottle

    Poly bottle, glass bottle, various sizes available
  • Sachet

    Stick, 3 side sealed, transparent wrapping, aluminum film, multi-pack (gather cut, Round-cut)
  • Bag

    Zippered bag filling