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Quality assurance and control

Quality assurance department

After passing a series of rigorous inspections, we received dietary supplement GMP certification from the Japan Health Food & Nutrition Food Association on November 9, 2005. The Japan Health Food & Nutrition Food Association certification was our sixth GMP certification. At Bizen we manufacture dietary supplements and medical products and have always held our production standards to GMP standards. However, as a "Japan Health Food & Nutrition Food Association certified factory," we are vigorously promoting even higher quality craftsmanship and striving to provide safer and more reliable products to our customers.

We have undergone ISO 9001 certification. On July 18, 2006, we received Quality Management System Certification from the Japanese office of the British Standards Institution (BSI), which was founded with support from the British Department of Trade and Industry (the reviewing agency for ISO 9001 certification). The two aspects of this certification were 1: development and production of health foods, health food components, and edible oil and lipid products. 2: production of medical product components and intermediates, general medical products, quasi drugs, and food additives. We are constantly striving for world-class quality craftsmanship that delights our customers.

At Bizen Chemical, we are implementing several initiatives in order to ensure that safe, reliable products are delivered to our customers

  • Raw material specifications, traceability and allergen testing
  • Grouped confirmation of all items relating to the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act
  • A check of all items relating to Food Sanitation Act, JAS law and other laws and regulations
  • Securely guaranteed product expiration dates (implementation of stability testing)

Production line

We enforce control measures to prevent foreign contamination in our production line

Quality control department

Our quality control department strictly regulates the quality and safety of our products at all in the manufacturing process, from storage of raw materials and all manufacturing processes to the shipping of finished products.

Quality control department

Our quality control department manages standards of

  • Microbial testing
  • Appearance inspection
  • Hazardous metal testing
  • Inspection of physical properties such as weight, hardness, moisture, disintegration, etc.
  • Testing of ingredients for each product

We are able to provide a wide range of analyses through our diverse analytical facilities

Supported types of analysis

Vitamins (various types), minerals, CoQ10, lipoic acid, isoflavones, etc. Other tests are available on request