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Privacy policy

â– About our privacy policy

In the process of the production of medical products, nutritional supplements, food additives, and cosmetics, as well as provision of related services, Bizen Chemical Co. Ltd. will be entrusted with our customer's important personal information. We are committed to the protection of personal information based on the basic policy listed below.

Collection and use of personal information

At Bizen, we use secure methods to collect personal information from customers. In addition we only use this information to provide services to our customers, and we will not divulge or provide this information to any third party without a legitimate reason.

Safety measures regarding personal information

In order to ensure the safety and accuracy of customer's personal information, we strictly enforce safety measures to prevent loss, alteration, and disclosure of all information.

Compliance with laws and regulations relating to personal information use

We greatly value and comply with laws and regulations that apply to the protection and management of personal information.

Inspection and continuous improvement of personal information

We have created and thoroughly educated employees about company regulations in order to provide appropriate protection for personal information. In addition, we periodically perform inspections and use these results to continually improve our methods so that personal information is more effectively protected.

Contact for information regarding protection of personal information

At Bizen we designate a customer representative to handle questions regarding personal information and corrections, changes, or deletions in already registered personal information promptly and appropriately.