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Corporate Vision and Message

Greeting from the President

Our starting point for our products has always been "bringing out the power of nature" and we constantly strive for craftsmanship that is "forever striving to go one step above and beyond". Since our establishment in 1971, we have been supported by a great number of people and have become a pioneer in the health food field. Today, in addition to the production of health foods, we work with materials used in medical products and functional foods. We strive to continue to improve each of our skills and to seek out new challenges so that our products will be known and recognized worldwide as a superior brand. In order to maintain high product quality, we have introduced an integrated system of production from selecting the raw materials to formulation and packaging. To maintain our customer’s trust as a reliable producer of quality products, we hold fast to our founding principles and without forgetting our gratitude to the customers. With your continuing support, we aim to continue to make a contribution to our customers and, by extension, society.